GTC Mission Statement: The Greater Tulsa Cherokees is an At-Large Cherokee Community dedicated to serving our members by providing educational opportunities and community gatherings promoting culture, tradition, language preservation, history and respect for our Elders and Veterans.


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The Cherokee National Holiday
September 1-3, 2017
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Our 65th Cherokee National Holiday theme is “Water is Sacred. ” ᎠᎹ (“a ma” or water) has long been a symbol of healing for Cherokees. Seven sycamore leaves floating upon the water symbolize the sycamore tree where the water spider received our first fire. It also represents the Cherokee medicinal practice of immersing yourself in the river or creek one last time before winter while it is still warm and the autumn leaves have fallen into the water. The fabled guwisguwi, a water bird, connects us to our ancient past. Its graceful neck mimics the gentle curve of a moving stream. In contrast, mountains in the background symbolize the longevity, strength and permanence of our culture.
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